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Current Regulations to Adopt the 2012 IECC

    Public Comments and Replies

      Minutes of Regulation Meetings

        Past Regulations on Energy Codes

        All notices and documents pertaining to the rulemaking are posted below.

        Adoption of 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) – NRS 701.220.

        Comments and reply comments received throughout the rule-making process can be reviewed in the following table:

        Filing Date Document Type Comments - Click on Name to View File Pages
        10/08/2010 Comment City of Yerington  2
        10/15/2010 Comment Environment Nevada  2
        10/18/2010 Comment School of Architecture, University of Nevada, Las Vegas  2
        10/21/2010 Comment Responsible Energy Codes Alliance  11
        10/21/2010 Comment Building Codes Assistance Project  3
        11/02/2010 Comment Southern Nevada Chapter of ICC, Southern Nevada Building Officials  2
        11/04/2010 Reply Comment Washoe County Building and Safety  2
        11/08/2010 Reply Comment Electric Auto Association of Northern Nevada (EAANN)  5
        05/26/2011 Comment Building Codes Assistance Project  2
        06/08/2011 Comment Washoe County Building and Safety  11
        09/12/2011 Comment ACH Foam Technologies  3
        09/14/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (98 total) 5
        09/15/2011 Comment Robbin Palmer, Ph D. 2
        09/15/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (46) 4
        09/16/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (11)  3
        09/17/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (5)  3
        09/18/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (3)  3
        09/19/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (2)   3
        09/20/2011 Comment Sierra Club Members (3) 3
        09/30/2011 Comment Sierra Club Member (1)  2
        10/19/2011 Comment Sierra Club Member (1)  2
        11/13/2011 Comment Mark Hauenstein, P.E. LEED A/P CxA  2


          Stakeholder Meetings

          The Energy Office conducted 10 stakeholder meetings throughout the rulemaking process. Thank you to all who participated at these meetings and for providing your expertise in the development of the state Building Energy Codes program. We hope you will continue to contact our office with any questions or concerns, continue to visit this website for updates to the codes, and take advantage of the free trainings as listed below.

          Northern Nevada - Climate Zone 5   Southern Nevada - Climate Zone 3
          November 15, 2010 (pdf) Evaluation Summary (pdf)    November 22, 2010 (pdf) Evaluation Summary (pdf)
          December 3, 2010 (pdf) Evaluation Summary (pdf)   December 2, 2010 (pdf) Evaluation Summary (pdf)
          January 11, 2011(pdf)     January 12, 2011 (pdf)  
          May 12, 2011(pdf)     May 9, 2011 (pdf)  
          September 28, 2011 (pdf)     September 27, 2011 (pdf)

            Energy Code Ambassadors Program

            Nevada is one of the only states in the U.S. to support an Energy Codes Ambassadors Program (ECAP). The following energy code “Ambassadors” are experts within the realm of the 2012 IECC, and are extremely motivated to help their colleagues in the form of one-on-one assistance and larger-scale training. The Nevada code ambassadors will be a critical resource to future code official training and, as funding and time permits, will be able to share their expertise in various forms throughout the state.

            The Energy Codes Ambassadors of Nevada are:

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            Helpful Resources on Energy Codes

            Residential and Commercial Compliance Checklists