**Fiscal Notes: The Fiscal Notes are published on behalf of the Department of Taxation and the Budget Division of the Department of Administration pursuant to NRS 701A.375. The date indicates when the Department of Taxation forwarded a copy of the fiscal note to each affected local government”.

2017 Projects

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Company and County

Application Information

Department of Taxation Budget Division Hearing Date Legal Order and Agreement Sales & Use Tax Abatement (3 years) Property Tax Abatement Tax years (20 Years)

Hearing Transcript/




Brady Power Partners /Ormat Nevada, Inc.

Churchill County

Application rec'd 01/04/2017


Sales and Use Tax Fiscal Note rec'd 01/19/2017

Property Tax Fiscal Note rec'd 03/16/2017

Fiscal Note rec'd 01/23/2017

04/20/2017 10:00am

Hearing Notice

Order of Recusal

Pre-Filed Testimony


Certificate of Eligibility



04/20/2017 to 04/20/2020

04/20/2017 to 04/20/2037


17-1018G McGinness Hills III / Ormat Nevada, Inc.

Lander County

Application rec'd 10/18/2017

Sales and Use Tax Fiscal Note

rec’d 11/08/2017

Fiscal Note rec'd 11/08/2017



Sunshine Valley Solar, LLC

Nye County

Application rec'd 11/14/2017