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    The Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) appreciates your interest in the public documents associated with our programs and statutory duties. Our duties and responsibilities are generally located under Nevada Revised Statutes 701 and 701A. For your convenience, below are some helpful notes regarding public requests for information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

      Guidelines for Submitting a Public Records Request

      • Due to the volume of requests, records accessibility, staff availability, and legal constraints, GOE may need more time to locate and produce records. 
      • Concise, typewritten requests to the address or the e-mail address below are preferred. Handwritten requests must be legible.
      • Mail, e-mail or deliver public records requests directly to GOE in Carson City. The office will coordinate the records search and a response with appropriate staff.
      • Be specific and reduce the scope as much as possible. Details regarding locations, dates or contract numbers are helpful. This will focus and expedite the records search.
      • Include the requestor’s contact information, preferably with e-mail and physical mailing addresses and a daytime phone number.
      • Pursuant to NRS Chapter 239.0107, GOE will acknowledge receipt of a request and provide a status report within five business days. The office will provide a staff contact point and, if necessary, ask for clarification so it can expedite the search for records relevant to your needs.
      • Records are not always readily accessible and may be located in archived files.
      • To save time, prior to visiting the office to see documents or files that may or may not be on-hand, GOE asks that a request be made by either a phone call, letter or email before visiting the office. 
      • GOE will coordinate a meeting with you as soon as practical.
      • Please keep in mind that GOE may also charge for copies and extraordinary staff time in accordance with NRS 239.055 (see “Fees” below for details).
      • GOE appreciates your patience. Your request is a priority for our staff, and we will respond as quickly, accurately and thoroughly as possible.
      • NRS 239, Public Records
      • NAC 239, Public Records
      • Nevada State Library and Archives

        Fee Schedule for Public Records Requests

        These fees apply to GOE and will be posted in a conspicuous place. GOE is responsible for implementing the below procedures in accordance with the Nevada Open Records Law (Nevada Revised Statute 239.055). The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the federal version of the law and generally applies to GOE.

        1.   Any fees imposed must be invoiced and detail each of four costs: staff time, copies, scanning/e-mail/FTP posting, and postage.

        2.   Cost estimates. Before further processing, the requestor will be notified in writing and required to remit that amount in full up to $1,000. When estimated costs exceed $1,000, and before any records are provided the requestor will be notified in writing and required to remit $1,000 plus ½ the remaining balance, with the balance due upon presentation of a written invoice for the full and final amount. If the final costs are less than estimated, the requestor will be reimbursed any difference.

        3.   Staff time. In accordance with Nevada Revised Statute 239.055, fees may be charged for staff time for processing, researching, copying, legal/technical review, or viewing. Charges will be as follows:

            a.   $20 per hour per staff member (Grades 10-19).

            b.   $30 per hour per staff member (Grades 20-29).

            c.   $40 per hour per staff member (Grades 30-39).

            d.   $50 per hour per staff member (Grades 40+).

        4.   Copying fees (does not include labor)

            a.   Black & White - 8 1/2” x 11”: $0.06 per page.

            b.   Black & White - 11” x 17”: $0.12 per page.

            c.   Color – 8 1/2” x 11”: $0.70 per page

            d.   Color - 11” x 17”: $1.40 per page.

            e.   Compact Disk/DVD: $5 per disk.

            f.    Certified True Copies: $5 per page.

            g.   Electronic Scanning to E-mail, CD or FTP:

        5.   Previously Scanned Documents - Free

            a.   200 pages or less - $20

            b.   201 or more pages - $20 per increment of 200 pages

        6.   Postage/shipping. All shipping will be USPS Parcel Post unless otherwise requested. Postage and shipping costs will be reimbursed by the requester.

        7.   Payment. Only checks or money orders payable to the “Nevada Governor's Office of Energy” are accepted. Partial payment of estimated fees is required prior to commitment of substantial staff time and effort. Full payment of actual fees is required before any records will be made provided.

        8.   Use of outside copying services. If estimated staff time exceeds four (4) hours, outside vendors/contractors may be utilized under the direction of GOE. Actual vendor costs in addition to staff time, if warranted, will be charged to the requestor.

        9.   Transcriptions by Capitol Reporters are available from:

        Capitol Reporters

        515 West Fourth St., Suite B

        Carson City, NV 89703

        775-882-5322 (phone)

        775-882-7154 (fax)