State Energy Program (SEP) Formula Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy SEP Formula Grant provides funding and technical assistance to states, territories, and the District of Columbia to enhance energy security, advance state-led energy initiatives, and maximize the benefits of decreasing energy waste.

Funding for the program is allocated to states according to a formula written into the federal formula grant regulations. In addition, SEP Formula grant regulations require that states provide a 20% match in funds for each year of the project period. For the most recent project period, the Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) was awarded the following: PY15 = $345,320; PY16 = $345,430; and PY17 = $345,200; totaling $1,035,950. GOE focused on four market title areas for the formula grant during this project period: administration, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and alternative fuel vehicles.  

Below are the various projects that GOE funded using the SEP Formula Grant this project period. For information on projects funded under prior SEP Formula Grant awards, click here.

    Energy Efficiency

    • In PY16, City of Reno received $20,000 to advance energy efficiency and green building in the commercial and industrial sectors in conjunction with the City Energy Project.
    • In PY17, Coral Academy of Science received $3,600 to retrofit both outdoor and indoor lighting.
    • In PY17, International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC) workshops were held in Elko, Reno, and Las Vegas for training on the latest IECC codes.
    • In PY17, NV Energy received $49,887 in funding for a commercial strategic window film pilot project.

      Renewable Energy

      • In PY15, Nevada State Parks received $9,200 to install a solar power system to power the well at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park.
      • In PY17, Viridity Energy received $52,589 in funding for battery storage pilot project for state-owned buildings and facilities.

        Alternative Fuel Vehicles

        • In PY15, State of Nevada Fleet Services received $2,500 to install two Level II Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, one in Carson City (Richard Bryan building) and the other in Las Vegas (Grant Sawyer building). The stations are available for use by state employees or the public.
        • In PY15, NV Energy received $30,000 to install one DC Fast Charger and two Level II EV charging stations at Fox Peak Station in Fallon.
        • In PY15, Valley Electric Association received $15,000 to install one DC Fast Charger and two Level II EV charging stations at Eddie World in Beatty.
        • In PY16, Lincoln County Power District received $41,500 to install one DC Fast Charger and two Level II EV charging stations at McCrosky’s Y-Service in Panaca.
        • In PY17, City of Reno received $10,000 to install three Level II EV charging stations in the City Hall parking garage. One Level II station will be available for public use, while the other two will be used for City fleet vehicles.


          The SEP formula grant is used to fund general GOE staff activities related to policy and project focus areas, allowing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs which have become self-sufficient and produce long term results. Examples of GOE policy and projects include: 

          • Performance Contracting Audit Assistance Program (PCAAP) – GOE accelerates the use of performance contracting in government facilities through its PCAAP program. 
          • Green Building Tax Abatements (GBTA) – Building owners can apply for tax incentives to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings through the GBTA program.
          • Renewable Energy Tax Abatements (RETA) – Developers are encouraged to build renewable energy projects in Nevada through the RETA program.
          • Revolving Loans Program (RLP) – GOE provides short-term, low-cost loans to developers of renewable energy projects, renewable component manufacturers, energy efficiency, and energy conservation projects through its RLP program.
          • Home Energy Retrofit Opportunities for Seniors (HEROS) – In 2014, GOE launched the HEROS program, which funds weatherization improvements and reduces energy costs for eligible Nevada seniors.  
          • Direct Energy Assistance Loan (DEAL) – In 2015, the GOE launched the DEAL program for State employees as part of Governor Sandoval's effort to promote energy efficiency statewide. The first known program of its kind in the nation helps State of Nevada employees fund energy efficiency measures in their homes. Funded by NRS 701A.450, DEAL provides State of Nevada employees an interest-free loan for energy efficiency upgrades that is paid off via a monthly payroll deduction.
          • In 2017, Governor Sandoval issued Executive Order 2017-03, establishing the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice. GOE provides administrative support for the Committee and the Director serves as an ex officio member. 

            Periodically, GOE will have funding available to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric vehicle programs and projects throughout Nevada. Funding opportunities will be announced through a Notice of Funding Oportunity (NOFO). If you are interested in being added to the listserve for the next available NOFO, please e-mail