Renewable Energy Tax Abatements

The Renewable Energy Tax Abatement program came under the Energy Office’s jurisdiction in July 2009. The program awards partial sales and use tax and partial property-tax abatements to eligible renewable energy facilities. The Energy Office staff reviews the abatement applications, conducts public hearings to determine eligibility, and reviews annual compliance audits after abatements have been granted.


    Regulations for the program were adopted in 2010. The state has approved 30 tax abatement applications, which include large scale solar PV, solar thermal, biomass, geothermal, and wind projects throughout the state. A list of projects is available online here.

      Renewable Energy Tax Abatement Application


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        Annual Compliance

          Regulations and Rulemaking

          NAC 701A - Notice of Intent to Act Upon Regulation - June 22, 2017

          NAC 701A - Notice of Intent to Act Upon Regulation - October 25, 2017

           Renewable Energy Rulemaking, Related Documents and Resources