Nevada Renewable Energy Technical Assistance


Suzanne Linfante
Energy Program Manager
775-687-1850 ext. 7309
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    The Nevada Renewable Energy Technical Assistance (NRETA) initiative is a $77,602 grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered by the Governor's Office of Energy. This initiative provides development assistance for small businesses and agricultural producers in Nevada's rural counties.

    GOE educates participants about the renewable energy technologies available to them and the pathways to financial assistance. The goal of NRETA is to help drive the development of new renewable energy resources by assisting customers who install solar, wind, and water systems on residential properties, at small businesses, on public buildings or schools, and on tribal lands.


      GOE has established the following measurable goals to evaluate the potential to incorporate renewable energy technologies into Nevada's rural communities:

      • Reach out to 1,500 small rural businesses / agricultural producers in identified service areas to participate in gaining knowledge and resources to potentially retrofit their current energy systems to renewable energy sources. The outcome will be a reduction in the use of grid power and need for fossil fuels.
      • Of the 1,500 small rural business and agricultural producers contacted through initial marketing and outreach, provide technical assistance to a minimum of 5% (75) through seminars, workshops, and individual counseling.
      • Assist at least 50% (36) of those seeking renewable energy technologies to procure financing and other incentives with follow-up calls, by answering questions, and guiding participants toward available funding resources.

      GOE expects to advance rural economic development through individual investment, lower operational costs for rural small business and agricultural producers, increased community awareness of the benefits of renewable energy, and rural job creation as participants move forward with knowledge gained.

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        Please complete the REAP Technical Assistance form to receive additional information. Technical assistance may include specific data for your area, explanation of past products installed, financial resources information, the type of technology best for you, or other information that would assist you in understanding if renewable energy is right for you. Please fax the form to (775)687-1869, email the form to, or mail the form to The Governor’s Office of Energy, 755 N. Roop Street, Suite 202, Carson City, NV 89701.