About Us


To provide all Nevadans affordable, reliable, sustainable, and clean energy choices through a holistic and realistic approach.


    By maintaining and applying an understanding of the energy landscape in Nevada, GOE promotes policy, manages programs, and distributes federal funding to meet Nevada’s energy needs.

    GOE fosters thoughtful energy forecasting and planning, promotion of research and development in the energy sector, maximization of Nevada’s energy resources, and the wise use of energy.

      GOE History

      GOE was originally created as the Nevada State Office of Energy in 1975 through Assembly Bill 500 to implement and plan for energy emergencies and develop programs and projects to encourage efficient energy use in the public and private sector. After reorganizations in 1983 and 1993, as well as the 1997 New Year’s flood damaged northern Nevada’s single source of petroleum, the State of Nevada (in coordination with DOE) determined the emergency support function resided with the state energy office. In 2001, the office became GOE, and the department head became a cabinet-level director position. GOE now operates with 12 employees with focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles.

        Contact GOE

        (775) 687-7189