Funding Opportunities (IIJA & IRA)

The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) were passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Both include substantial funding opportunities from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). While DOE has announced the types of funding available, guidance for states is being released at different times, with states waiting for guidance on many of the funding opportunities.

This page will be updated to reflect the status of these funding opportunities in Nevada. This is not an exhaustive list, and GOE’s updates to this page may include the addition or removal of certain funding opportunities as more information becomes available to identify which are appropriate for GOE.

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IIJA Funding Opportunities

Preventing Outages & Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid (Section 40101(d))

Amount    $10,543,609
Purpose   To subgrant funding awards to eligible entities to prevent outages and enhance the resilience of the electric grid; GOE will create a sub-award program
Status   Funding awarded by DOE and approved by Nevada Interim Finance Committee; Notice of Funding Opportunity is in progress
Learn more   Preventing Outages & Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid page

Smart Grid Grants (Section 40107)

Amount    $3,000,000,000 (total U.S.)
Purpose   To increase the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of the electric power system
Status   GOE submitted concept paper; DOE encouraged application with incorporation of feedback; will apply next cycle

State Energy Security Plans (Section 40108)

Amount    $200,000
Purpose   To incorporate stakeholder feedback and create a State Energy Security Plan in alignment with new IIJA requirements
Status   Nevada’s revised State Energy Security Plan has been completed and submitted to DOE

State Energy Program Increase (Section 40109)

Amount    $4,479,590
Purpose   To enhance energy security, advance state-led energy initiatives, and increase energy affordability; funds will primarily be allocated toward personnel costs to build agency capacity in supporting new projects made possible through IIJA
Status     Notification of award received; IFC approved

Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund (Section 40502)

Amount     $1,043,290
Purpose   To establish a revolving loan fund under which the State shall provide loans and grants for energy efficiency audits, upgrades, and retrofits to increase energy efficiency and improve the comfort of buildings
Status   GOE applied

Energy Auditor Training Grant Program (Section 40503)

Amount     $1,000,000 for residential sector; $1,000,000 for commercial sector ($2,000,000 total)
Purpose   To support infrastructure development and the long-term value of a clean energy workforce by training individuals to conduct energy audits or surveys of commercial and residential buildings.
Status   GOE developing concept papers; concept papers are due to DOE by 3/28/2024.

Resilient and Efficient Codes Implementation (Section 40511)

Amount     $225,000,000 (total for U.S.)
Purpose   To enable sustained cost-effective implementation of updated building energy codes
Status   GOE submitted concept paper; DOE encouraged application with feedback incorporated; will apply next cycle

Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (Section 40552)

Amount     $1,767,140
Purpose   To implement strategies in reducing fossil fuel emissions, reduce total energy use, improve energy efficiency, and/or build a clean and equitable energy economy prioritizing disadvantaged communities. Upon approval, this grant will be allocated to local governments ineligible to apply for funds directly with the U.S. Department of Energy according to the table below. The remainder will be used to stand up a Loan Loss Reserve program to assist low-moderate income households in obtaining energy efficiency project related loans.













West Wendover






Mineral County


Lander County


Lincoln County


Storey County


Eureka County


Esmeralda County


Status   IFC approved; Notice of Award received

The following IIJA funding opportunities will be led by other entities with GOE in a supporting role:

  • Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (40314)
  • Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnership (40103(b)) 

IRA Funding Opportunities

Home Efficiency Rebates Program (Section 50121)

Amount     $48,200,980
Purpose   To issue $2,000-$4,000 rebates for energy efficiency retrofits for individual households and up to $400,000 for multifamily buildings and grants to states to provide rebates for home retrofits
Status   IFC approved; Notice of Award received
Learn more   Home Energy Rebates (IRA) page

Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates Program (Section 50122)

Amount     $47,920,160
Purpose   To develop a high-efficiency electric home rebate program for heat pumps, water heaters, panel/service upgrades, electric stoves, clothes dryers, and insulation/air sealing measures
Status   GOE applied for partial early administrative funds; IFC approved partial early administrative funds; guidance and programmatic application have been released by DOE and GOE intends to apply; GOE is working with a vendor to assess program requirements and develop a Request for Proposal from third party administrators.
Learn more   Home Energy Rebates (IRA) page

Home Energy Efficiency Contractor Training (Section 50123)

Amount     $1,637,710 in formula funds
Purpose   This program will bring new workers into the energy efficiency industry, upskill existing workers, and provide support to businesses owners as they make homes healthier and more energy efficient. In addition to providing states the opportunity to develop and implement workforce training programs for residential efficiency projects, workers trained in Contractor Training Grants programs should be well prepared to implement Home Energy Rebate Programs.
Status   GOE applied
Learn More

Building Energy Codes (Section 50131)

Amount     $5,072,691 in formula funds / $10,000,000 in competitive funds
Purpose   To support building energy codes

GOE intends to apply for formula funds in accordance with DOE requirements; GOE has submitted a Concept Paper for review by DOE for competitive funds 

The following IRA funding opportunities will be led by other entities with GOE in a supporting role:

  • Grants to Facilitate the Siting of Interstate Electricity Transmission Lines (Section 50152)
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (Section 60103)
    • Solar for All: GOE is supporting the Nevada Clean Energy Fund on this $7 billion federal funding opportunity, which will enable low-income households to access affordable, resilient, and clean solar energy
  • Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (Section 60114)