Public Records Request

Public Records Request Guidelines

  • Due to the volume of requests, records accessibility, staff availability, and legal constraints, the Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) may need more time to locate and produce records. 
  • Please fill out GOE's Public Records Request (Online Form) which is automatically sent to the office in Carson City. GOE staff will coordinate the records search and a response with appropriate staff.
  • Be specific and reduce the scope as much as possible. Details regarding locations, dates or contract numbers are helpful. This will focus and expedite the records search.
    • If requests are not specific, broad in scope, or do not refer to identifiable records, a member of the GOE staff may contact you for additional information or to narrow the scope.  
  • Include the requestor’s contact information, preferably with e-mail and physical mailing addresses and a daytime phone number.
  • Pursuant to NRS Chapter 239.0107, GOE will acknowledge receipt of a request and provide a status report within five business days. The office will provide a staff contact, an estimated timeline, and, if necessary, ask for clarification so it can expedite the search for records relevant to your needs.
  • Records are not always readily accessible and may be in archived files.
  • Whenever possible, please submit your request in writing using the online form. If a written request is not possible and an oral request for records is to be made, please call our office so that staff can log your request.
  • Records will be provided as digital files wherever possible.
  • GOE appreciates your patience. Your request is a priority for our staff, and we will respond as quickly, accurately and thoroughly as possible. 
  • NRS 239, Public Records
  • NAC 239, Public Records
  • Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records, Public Records  

    Office Information

    GOE's principal office in Carson City is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays. The office is located at 600 E. William Street, Suite 200, Carson City, Nevada. If you submit a public records request and choose to receive that record at the GOE office, GOE staff will arrange a date and time for you to come into the Carson City office once the records request is complete.


      Providing access to public records is a function of state government, and GOE staff make every effort to ensure records are available without fees, unless extraordinary circumstances arise. Under NRS 239.005, state agencies may only charge for the actual cost incurred by a governmental entity in the provision of a public record, including, without limitation, the cost of ink, toner paper, media, and postage. Any fees imposed must be exact and will be invoiced and in detail.

      GOE will only charge when the hard costs (toner, paper, media or postage) of producing a records request exceeds $25, and invoices will be provided that reflect exact costs. Estimates will be provided prior to processing and payment must be received before records are provided.

        Postage & Shipping

        All shipping will be USPS Parcel Post unless otherwise requested. Postage and shipping costs will be reimbursed by the requester if total actual costs exceed $25.


          Only checks or money orders payable to the “Nevada Governor's Office of Energy” are accepted. Partial payment of estimated fees is required prior to commitment of substantial staff time and effort. Full payment of actual fees is required before any records will be made provided.

            Records Officer

            Dwayne McClinton
            (775) 687-7189

            Public Records Request Form