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Regulation Review

Per Gov. Joe Lombardo’s Executive Order 2023-003, no new regulations shall be proposed, approved or acted on by any executive branch agency, department, board or commission until the Executive Order is rescinded.

    In addition, the executive order directs executive branch agencies to undertake a comprehensive review of the regulations subject to its enforcement. On or before, May 1, 2023, each department, agency, board, and commission shall provide a report to the Governor’s office detailing how the regulation subject to its enforcement can be streamlined, clarified, reduced or otherwise improved to ensure those regulations provide for the general welfare of the State without unnecessarily inhibiting economic growth.

      GOE currently has one pending appliance standards regulation, which has undergone a workshop and hearing for adoption, but it is currently paused under this executive order.

        GOE staff are currently undertaking this comprehensive review and will provide the report and any updates here as they become available.

          Meeting Date/Time Description  Notice and Agenda Meeting Materials Minutes and Recording
          9 a.m.

          Public workshop to review GOE regulations NAC 701 and NAC 701A

          Amended Notice of public workshop and agenda

          GOE regulations for review




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            Renewable Energy Tax Abatement (RETA) Hearings

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            Notice and Agenda Meeting Materials Minutes and Recording
            9/28/2023 2:00 p.m.      Public Meeting to review RFI and GDO requirements for 40101(d) grant funding  Notice of Public Meeting  RFI 01GO-S2466 
            GDO Guidance for BIL Grid Resilience Metrics 


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