Appliance Standards Rulemaking and Adoption

Assembly Bill (AB) 383, Signed by Governor Steve Sisolak during the 2021 session of the Nevada Legislature, requires the Director of the Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) to adopt standards of efficiency for certain appliances, which will prohibit the sale, lease, rental or installation of certain new appliances that are not in compliance with energy efficiency standards.

The bill also:

  • requires GOE to establish a procedure for consumers to apply for a delay in the implementation of a standard of energy efficiency for certain appliances;
  • requires manufacturers to submit a certification for certain appliances prior to sale;
  • authorizes the Director to take certain actions to investigate possible violations and establish a civil penalty for violations; and
  • authorizes the adoption of appliance standards to facilitate the implementation of flexible demand technology.

    2022 Appliance Standards Meeting Information

    GOE held a workshop and hearing for the adoption of appliance standards regulations in December 2022, but per Gov. Joe Lombardo’s Executive Order 2023-003, no new regulations shall be proposed, approved or acted on by any executive branch agency, department, board or commission until the Executive Order is rescinded.


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      NAC 701 - Appliance Standards Workshop 

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      NAC 701 - Appliance Standards Hearing Notice of Hearing and Agenda  

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