Performance Contracting Programs

Performance Contract Audit Assistance Program (PCAAP)

The Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) is accepting applications for the program to accelerate Performance Contracting. Under this program, eligible Nevada Government Entities (Counties, Cities, School Districts, State Colleges, State Universities, State of Nevada Agencies) that choose to enter into a Performance Contract for Operating Cost Savings Measures may request monetary assistance for a Financial-Grade Operational Audit.

Application Process

To qualify for funding, eligible Nevada Government Entities must submit the signed PCAAP Application and include a copy of their current Financial-Grade Operational Audit. Funding approval will be considered after applicants provide a fully executed Performance Contract to GOE.

Please use the following links to read about the program and complete an application:

What Is Performance Contracting?

It's an alternative funding source -- a way to make operating cost-saving improvements now without tapping into your capital budget. The resulting cost savings pays for all project costs over time.  You benefit immediately, getting new equipment, expertise from energy service professionals, ongoing maintenance services and the ability to accomplish many projects all at once. Best of all, projected savings are guaranteed.

    Here's How it Works

    You enter into an agreement with an energy service company (ESCO). The ESCO will identify and evaluate savings opportunities and then recommend a package of improvements to be paid for through utility and operational savings.

      Many types of building improvements can be funded through your existing budgets -- new lighting technologies, boilers and chillers, energy management controls, landscape irrigation systems and trash compaction, to name a few.

        Do you face these problems at your facility?

        • Too many demands on your time and budget
        • Old, out-dated equipment in your buildings
        • Recurring equipment problems that take up your valuable staff time

        Here's the good news. You can make the facility upgrades you need now -- with no up-front capital -- and pay for them over time through the utility and operational savings that result. You benefit immediately, getting new equipment, expertise from energy service professionals, ongoing maintenance services and the ability to accomplish many projects all at once.  How? ...through performance contracting and assistance provided by GOE.

          Get Started Now

          GOE provides education and information to help you decide if performance contracting is right for you and to guide you through to success. Nevada legislation makes performance contracting available to state and local governments through the Nevada Revised Statutes 332 and 333A.

            Doing Performance Contracting in Nevada

            Pre-qualified list of energy service companies: (Current List); List expires 11/11/2022 

              Program History: Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Grant

              In October 2012, GOE received a $715,000, 3-year Department of Energy grant to accelerate the use of energy savings performance contracting (ESPC) in the state to achieve comprehensive retrofits in state and local government facilities. The program included an education/outreach campaign to increase awareness of ESPC, established approved processes and standardized procurement and contracting documents, pre-qualified a pool of energy service companies (ESCOs) committed to abide by program requirements, established a means to collect project-level data, tracked program metrics, set measurement and verification requirements to verify savings, developed public/private partnerships to leverage mutual interests, and established GOE as the lead provider of information and services on ESPC in the state.

                Historical Presentations

                  • Energy Savings Pay for Improvements
                    2013 Pie Chart