PCAAP Application Process

To qualify to receive up to 100 percent of the Financial-Grade Operational Audit (FGOA) cost, Eligible Nevada Government Entities must complete the following three (3) steps.

    Step 1

    Submit a completed, signed PCAAP application with preliminary energy savings data and verification of project approval by the eligible Nevada government entity's governing body (e.g., board, commission, council) to GOE's Energy Program Manager. Upon receipt, GOE will provide a letter of preliminary approval of the PCAAP application and a timeline for Steps 2 and 3. Applications may be submitted by e-mail or hard copy ground mail to:

    Nevada Governor's Office of Energy
    600 E. William St. - Ste. 200
    Carson City, Nevada 89701

      Step 2

      Submit a progress update or current FGOA within six months of the PCAAP application approval.

        Step 3

        Submit final documents within 12 months* of the GOE preliminary approval:

        1. Official invoice for the cost of the FGOA
        2. A letter requesting invoice payment
        3. Final application tracking data
        4. Copy of the completed FGOA
        5. Copy of the fully executed Performance Contract

        * For large projects that require additional time beyond 12 months, a written request for an extension must be submitted.


          The GOE encourages all government entities to set project savings goals in their Request for Proposals of at least:

          • 40% reduction in energy consumption
          • 30% reduction in water consumption

          GOE encourages all government entities to develop plans to achieve net-zero energy through deep efficiency savings and on-site renewable energy production.