Performance Contract Audit Assistance Program

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 332 requires Nevada government Entities that choose to enter into a performance contract for operating cost savings measures on government-owned buildings must pay for a Financial-Grade Operational Audit (FGOA) to identify energy efficiency measures prior to executing a Performance Contract. Eligible Nevada government entities may request financial assistance from GOE for a FGOA through the Performance Contract Audit Assistance Program (PCAAP). The proposed project must include measures to reduce electricity consumption or cost. For purposes of PCAAP, eligible Nevada government entities are defined as counties, cities, school districts, state colleges, state universities, and State of Nevada agencies that, pursuant to NRS 701A.450, that are "retail customers of a public utility that is subject to the portfolio standard established by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.”

    PCAAP Funding

    Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 701A.450, money to fund PCAAP is held in the Nevada Renewable Energy Account. PCAAP is based on available funds and administered by and funded at the discretion of the Director of the Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE). Project funding is limited to 10 cents per square foot ($0.10/sf), or other approved amount at the discretion of the Director. NOTE: To be considered for PCAAP funding, projects must use and authorize GOE staff to track the project in eProject Builder.

      Application Process

      To qualify for funding, eligible Nevada government entities must submit the signed PCAAP application and include a copy of their current FGO audit. Funding approval will be considered after applicants provide a fully executed performance contract to GOE.