Program Extension Increases Performance Contracting Opportunities

CARSON CITY, NV - January 07, 2015

The Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) has extended the application deadline for a program that accelerates performance contracting in the State.

The one year extension of the Performance Contract Audit Assistance Program (PCAAP) gives eligible Nevada government entities – counties, cities, school districts, and universities – that enter into a performance contract more time to request monetary assistance for their Financial-Grade Operational Audit.

“PCAAP is a successful GOE program because it promotes performance contracting, which offers an opportunity to upgrade and modernize facilities, and reduce the taxpayer burden of growing government energy budgets,” said Paul Thomsen, GOE Director. “Extending PCAAP gives Nevada entities a greater opportunity to evaluate whether government dollars can be used more wisely to modernize facilities.”

Qualified government entities can upgrade facilities with no up-front capital and pay for them through guaranteed savings. PCAAP is designed to fund the audit, the first step in the process to determine if an entity’s target project is feasible.

By extending PCAAP through 2015, GOE is increasing the odds that a Nevada entity will join the Cities of Reno and Sparks, which received a $150,000 PCAAP award in June 2014. This funding covered the cost of an audit that analyzed energy, water, and operating cost savings measures for the jointly-operated Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility. The resulting performance contract will annually save $1.1 million dollars at the facility and reduce energy consumption by more than 664 kW. Two other entities have submitted applications and will be funded when required documents are submitted.

The decision to extend PCAAP and continue funding audits that accelerate performance contracting in the State highlights GOE’s ability to facilitate cooperation among stakeholders, lead initiatives to stimulate economic development, and attract energy related business ventures.

To learn more about PCAAP and check your projects eligibility, please visit: GOE's Public Facilities Retrofit Grant Page.


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