Energy Savings Get Green Light In Carson City

CARSON CITY, NV - March 08, 2017

The Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) recently awarded $76,000 to help Carson City implement a $4.1 million project that will conserve energy and reduce the city's operational costs.

The funding comes from GOE's Performance Contract Audit Assistance Program (PCAAP), which initiates a performance contract so entities like Carson City can upgrade facilities and pay for the work through guaranteed energy savings.

"Performance contracting offers a tremendous opportunity to upgrade and modernize facilities while reducing energy budgets," said GOE Director Angie Dykema.
The financial grade operational audit (FGOA) is the first step to determine if a project is worth pursuing. Performance Contracting is a partnership between a building owner and an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that conducts an energy audit identifying improvements that will save energy. The ESCO guarantees that the improvements will generate cost savings sufficient to pay for the project over the term of the contract. PCAAP funds the FGOA once a performance contract is signed.

Ameresco, the competitively selected ESCO that is working with Carson City Public Works Department, identified 18 facilities for retrofits and upgrades, including: 

  • Carson City Public Library (21,024 square feet, built in 1970)
  • City Hall (34,097 square feet, built in 1987).
  • Carson City Court House complex (131,772 square feet, built in 1999).
  • Fire stations 51, 52, and 53 (a combined 50,210 square feet, built in 1974, 1995, and 1951 respectively).
  • Carson City Sheriff Department's administration building and annex (43,000+ square feet, built in 2008).
  • Carson City Community Center and Aquatic Facility (75,000+ square feet, built in 1973).
  • Carson City Senior Center (59,341 square feet, built in 1975).

The upgrades that these and other facilities received included the installation of interior and exterior energy efficient LED lights and controls and installation of energy efficient boilers and HVAC systems. Work was also done to reduce air leakage at each facility by sealing or replacing drafty ceilings, doors, floors, and windows.

"The technical assistance provided by the Governor's Office of Energy was invaluable getting our project off the ground," said Tom Grundy, Senior Project Manager for Carson City Public Works Department - Capital Projects. "PCAAP allowed us to perform more energy conservation measures than we would have been able to otherwise. This project will result in a reduction of Carson City's CO 2 emissions equivalent to 188 typical American homes, replace aging equipment and provide a better working environment for City staff."

The decision to fund Carson City's financial grade audit highlights GOE's ability to facilitate cooperation among stakeholders, seek creative ways to conserve energy, and attract energy related business ventures.

Since PCAAP's inception in 2014, GOE has awarded $1.10 million to accelerate performance contracting. The resulting projects have created 542 full-time jobs. Government entities that are pursuing a performance contract and want to know if PCAAP will fund their audit can learn more at GOE's PCAAP webpage.



About the Governor's Office of Energy

The Governor's Office of Energy oversees energy programs required through statute and those that help to meet the mission of the office, which is to ensure the wise development of Nevada's energy resources in harmony with local community economic needs and Nevada natural resources. For more information about GOE, please visit

About Carson City

Carson City is approximately 153 square miles in area.  It abuts the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are the entrance to the basin from the west and the terminus from the east. The local governing body is composed of a five-member elected representation called the Board of Supervisors. The Mayor and four Supervisors are elected by and accountable to the voters. The 2012 population is estimated at 54,838. For more information about Carson City, please visit