Nevada Joins Nation's Clean Car Promise

Carson City, NV - July 09, 2019



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Today, Nevada joined the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise,” a coalition of 24 bipartisan governors representing 52 percent of the U.S. population and 57 percent of the economy, working together to support a strong national clean car standard. Such a standard will help reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector, enhance Nevada’s ability to protect citizens from vehicle pollution, and meet our State’s greenhouse gas reduction goals set by Governor Sisolak in joining Nevada with 23 other states as members of the United States Climate Alliance.

“Nevada is proud to join with states leading the charge for a strong national clean car standard and preserving our state’s authority to make decisions on how we can best protect our citizens from vehicle pollution,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner cars are critical to Nevada achieving our state climate goals while saving consumers money and preserving Nevada’s strong economy.”

“Transportation is now the leading sector of greenhouse gas emissions in Nevada,” said Bradley Crowell, Director of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Ensuring clean air and protecting the health of all Nevadans requires steady progress to increase vehicle efficiency standards.  Nevada is committed to being a leader in addressing climate change, and promoting clean vehicles is central to this effort.”

The administration’s efforts to rollback aggressive vehicle mileage standards undermines the ability of states to set more stringent vehicle efficiency standards for their citizens that reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. With recent dramatic increases in electric vehicle (EV) sales in our state and the ever-decreasing prices of batteries, Nevadans are seeing the benefits of regulatory certainty and technological advancement in the automotive industry.

“Nevada has taken great strides toward a cleaner future with investment in EV charging infrastructure on our roads and highways. Freezing these clean car standards is an unfortunate step backwards,” said David Bobzien, Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy.

Nevada joined the US Climate Alliance in March 2019, committing to meet the climate goals of the Paris Accord and implementing policies that further carbon reduction priorities for the state.   



Jennifer L. Taylor