e-centricity Transportation Electrification in Nevada Report

Carson City, NV - January 08, 2019

e-centricity, LLP, recipient of a grant award from the Governor’s Office of Energy, has completed a report that outlines an action plan for government actors to accelerate electrifying Nevada’s transportation system.

The report takes a closer look at how Nevada is well-positioned to ride the wave of vehicle electrification to further economic development, clean energy for energy independence, and clean air. Nevada-specific, the report is based upon engagement with almost two dozen each of Nevada government agencies and advocates, and also industry experts, respectively.

The first half of the report identifies the government agencies and actors in Nevada that bring authority and expertise to transportation electrification. It reviews Nevada’s public policies, legal authorities, and actions to date that further the issue and its outcomes, and the challenges inherent in moving transportation electrification forward as an independent objective.

The second half of the report recommends action items and opportunities available to Nevada’s government to accelerate transportation electrification in ways that work best for the State. Each action item description covers the reason it enhances transportation electrification, the government agencies responsible or involved, and the funding sources available to support each action item.

"The advancement of electrification of our transportation sector has long been a focus of the Governor’s Office of Energy," said Director Angela Dykema, "and this report will serve as a roadmap for the new Administration to help the State continue down the path paved under Governor Sandoval’s leadership to embrace this emerging technology and utilize it to further Nevada’s clean energy goals."

e-centricity, LLP adds, "Transportation electrification is more than the sum of its parts. It is a critical strategy to grow Nevada’s renewable energy sector as a pillar of economic development and environmental stewardship. The time is ripe for our government agencies to collaborate on this important issue."

To learn more, the report is available for review on the website for the Governor’s Office of Energy.


About the Governor's Office of Energy

The Governor’s Office of Energy oversees energy programs required through statute and those that help to meet the mission of the office, which is to ensure the wise development of Nevada’s energy resources in harmony with local community economic needs and Nevada natural resources. For more information visit the Governor’s Office of Energy

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