Governor’s Office of Energy, Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day


Robin Yochum
Program Manager
Carson City, NV - October 07, 2020

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David Bobzien, Director

Governor’s Office of Energy




Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy

Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day

5th annual national event urging everyone to

“Save Money. Cut Carbon. Breathe Easier.”

Carson City, NV - Governor Steve Sisolak has proclaimed October 7, 2020, as Energy Efficiency day in Nevada. His recently launched Nevada Climate Initiative features energy efficiency as a key piece of the framework for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting and implementing energy efficiency measures across Nevada not only helps meet the state’s climate goals but also ensures Nevada residents have safe, healthy and comfortable homes and workplaces with reduced energy costs.

The Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE), adopts policies to support and promote energy efficiency, and administers energy efficiency programs that offer Nevadans opportunities to reduce their energy costs and work and live in a safer and more comfortable built environment.  “The easiest and most economical way to save on utility bills is to replace inefficient lighting in every home and business across the state,” said GOE Director, David Bobzien. “Our office is committed to supporting robust energy efficiency policies, including our adoption of improved efficient lighting standards for general service lamps”.

All Nevadans can learn more about how to contribute to the state’s sustainability efforts by using energy more efficiently in our daily lives. October 7, 2020 marks the fifth annual Energy Efficiency Day nationwide.

Click here to see the Governor’s Proclamation

To learn more about what you can do to contribute to Nevada’s energy efficiency efforts, follow us while we draft our Climate Plan through the Nevada Climate Initiative’s website at

To learn more about the lighting standards anticipated to take effect on January 1, 2021, visit GOE’s website at