RETA Annual Compliance

Annual compliance reporting is required of all RETA participants. Please read compliance reporting requirements carefully before submitting a report.

    Compliance Reporting Instructions

    1. All information to be provided in the annual compliance report shall be from either the date of GOE director approval of the partial tax abatement(s) or the date of the last filed annual compliance report, whichever is applicable.
    2. The annual compliance report and all accompanying documents must be received by 5:00 p.m. on or before the 12-month anniversary date on which the tax abatement was originally granted. A 30-day extension may be granted upon a request in writing and subject to approval by the GOE director. An annual compliance report will not be deemed filed until all GOE staff questions are answered and accompanying documents are received by the director.
    3. If any or all of the ownership of the project has been sold or transferred to a successor-in-interest, then the successor-in-interest must be identified in a statement attached to the annual compliance report and information from the successor-in-interest must be provided as required per NAC 701A.640.
    4. Please provide the "third party administrator insurance certification" to the third-party administrator(s) of any and all insurance plans (including to contractors and sub-contractors). This certification is to be completed and filed with the annual compliance report. Other documentation may be required by the GOE director per NAC 701A.590(5).
    5. Please provide copies of current state, city and/or county business licenses.
    6. Please print, sign, and return the annual compliance report either electronically by email or via U.S. mail to:
      • Governor's Office of Energy
        600 E. William St. Suite 200
        Carson City, NV 89701
    7. Please include the required compliance fee of $250 for any project approved before July 1, 2020 or $500 for any project approved after July 1, 2020, if applicable. Please call (775) 687-7189 if clarification is needed.