RETA Application Process

Potential applicants may request the application form from the Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) by sending an e-mail to in the subject line of “RETA Application Request” and providing a short description of the project. The application must be filed electronically to by attaching a PDF and Excel workbook of the confidential application and a PDF of the redacted application. The application fee must be sent either via wire or mail before an application is considered filed.


    Questions related to the tax abatement process may be directed to:

    • Application and pre- and post-hearing process questions: GOE at
    • Sales and use tax-related questions: Jo Lynn Smith, Nevada Department of Taxation, at 775-684-2000
    • Property tax-related questions: Jeff Mitchell, Nevada Department of Taxation, at 775-684-2095

      Important Notes

      1. A partial abatement of taxes approved by the GOE director is prospective only and must not be applied retroactively to any tax imposed before the execution of the abatement agreement between the GOE and the applicant.

      2. (To applicants and potential applicants): Pursuant to NRS 701A.360, the GOE director is required to hold a public hearing on any abatement application, and as a result, abatement applications that are before the GOE director are contested cases under Nevada's Administrative Procedure Act, NRS Chapter 233B. The Act prohibits members or employees of an agency assigned to render a decision or to make findings of fact and conclusions of law in a contested case from communicating, directly or indirectly, in connection with any issue of fact, with any person or party, nor, in connection with any issue of law, with any party or the party’s representative, except upon notice and opportunity to all parties to participate.

        Please do not attempt to plead your case to the GOE director or GOE employees outside of the formal application process.

        GOE recommends that the applicants or potential applicants hire legal counsel to address questions of law related to the abatement process. GOE employees may not provide legal advice on issues related to filed or planned application, as doing so could violate NRS Chapters 7.285 and 233B. 

      3. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) requires owners/applicants of all proposed energy projects (of applicable size) file a notice (application) and provide an initial fee to NDOW for evaluation of the project is a separate part of the process. Learn more on NDOW's website.